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Wash and Fold

Item Price
Wash & Fold $1.80 Add
Pillow $5.00 Add
Bath Rug $5.00 Add
Mattress Pad $5.00 Add
Blanket $TBD Add
Comforter $TBD Add

Dry Cleaning

Item Price
Shirt on Hanger [Dry Cleaned] $6.00 Add
Tie & Scarf $3.00 Add
Pants $6.00 Add
Skirt $6.00 Add
Blouse $6.00 Add
Sweater $6.00 Add
Dress $12.00 Add
Suit $12.00 Add
Sport Coat or Blazer $8.00 Add
Jacket $8.00 Add
Wedding Dress $TBD Add
Leather Jacket $TBD Add

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