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Wash & Fold

Our wash and fold service is unlike anything currently provided in the area.

We understand how important your clothes are to you, which is why we take the utmost care in returning them in the best possible condition. We offer the full spectrum of laundry services to be picked up from your home or business, brought back to our facilities, washed, dried and folded or hung directly out of the dryer.

We also offer:

To make use of this handy service you would:

  • Register, let us know your specifications, and we will have a driver out within 24 hours to pick up your laundry. A free cloth laundry bag is provided on the first pick up for your continued use.
  • We would then take it back to our facilities where it will be weighed and washed with our high quality, hypoallergenic detergent and softener.
  • When the wash is done it is taken immediately to be dried and fluffed, (dryer sheets upon request).
  • As soon as your clothes are dry we take them out right away to be folded or hung as specified by you, as well as any other services you may have requested.
  • At this point it will all be packed up tight and tidy to be returned to your home the following day.

It is our pleasure to ensure you ease of use and a quality product. Our family looks forward to helping you and your family take a load off (pun intended) from the never ending story that is laundry.

Schedule on YOUR time: let us know when we can pick up and drop off to fit your schedule (if you would rather they were left on the porch, we can do that, too).

Sit back and enjoy the free time: it’s a chore we take for you, so enjoy your coffee, read the paper, play with the kids and let us do the work.

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